Drip irrigation installation demonstraion and seed swap set

Stokes County Cooperative Extension Horticulture Agent Randy Fulp will present a demonstration to the public on setting up a drip irrigation system in the home or commercial garden. The event will be at the Master Gardener’s demonstration garden (SEEDS) at King Recreation Acres on Monday, April 11, beginning at 6 p.m.

Proper irrigation is a common difficulty for the home gardener. Awkward location of the water source, equipment that provides uneven distribution of water, wasting water by being unable to target the plants rather than water the whole area, and overhead watering are some of the problems that are overcome by using drip irrigation.

The Stokes Master Gardener Volunteer Association will assist Mr. Fulp in the installation process.

If time permits, there will also be a demonstration on installing landscape fabric.

On Wednesday, April 20, the Master Gardener Volunteers will offer a seed swap on opening day of the King Farmers Market at the YMCA. More details will be coming about that event. Please note that the Farmers Market will be located this year on the lower parking lot at the YMCA.

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