Patti SnyderExtension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences

It’s that time of the year again, when we break out our pressure canners and get to work. For hours on end, our weekends are spent in the kitchen preserving our homegrown favorites. Most of us have been doing the same old song and dance for years and years. Others, like myself, might be new to the canning game.

Canning was something that I had never really experimented with until I became an Extension Agent. My family has always canned, and I grew up seeing firsthand the benefits of canning quality homegrown foods.

I quickly learned the importance of preserving our hardest of work, our beautiful homegrown foods. The amount of money we can save if we can our homegrown foods is tremendous. Our canned foods may also have better quality than canned products from the store. Starting with better quality foods will have a better outcome when canning. What an awesome feeling it is to have friends and family enjoy the freshness of your canned foods. Just imagine the pride and enjoyment you could get out of that.

If you are ready to begin canning for the year, please give me a call at (336) 593-8179 to have your pressure gauge tested. Feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions about the canning process.