The Garden Plot

Ray Baird

February’s shortest month nears its end – Winter’s shortest month only has six more days remaining and spring is only 21 days away. There is still plenty of winter weather in store even after the first day of spring. The robins certainly are not a sign of spring anymore because we have seen them since mid January. We believe most of them find plenty of food and hiding places in hollow trees and logs as well as barns and sheds and outbuildings. There are plenty of them around all winter to keep hearts and minds on the coming of spring.

The arrival of the wild onion crop – An unwanted green comes on the scene as we talk about the upcoming arrival of the season of spring. The wild onion is peeking its spikes on the winter lawn. They are hard to deal with because they have roots all the way to “China”. One way to stunt their growth is to use the weed eater and trim them down to ground zero. This will give you a head start on controlling them and helping the lawn look better as spring comes on the scene. One positive thing about wild onions is the fact that they are green!

A whiff of perfume in the garden of winter – The wild honeysuckle is still almost four months away from emitting its fragrance, but the Carolina jasmine on the edge of the garden has plenty of fragrant yellow blossoms adorning it’s dark green foliage. The jasmine bush is unusual because it is green all year long and produces blooms almost every other month. The Jasmine can be trimmed and shaped to keep it any size you desire. You can find them at most garden shops and nurseries as well as some home improvement warehouses.

Repairing bare spots on the winter lawn – Late February is the very best time to repair bare spots on the winter lawn and re-seed them before warm weather arrives. Dig around bare spots and loosen the soil and prepare it for fertilizer and a good variety of grass seed. Use specially prepared fertilizer prepared just for lawns. Apply the fertilizer and take it down into the soil, then apply a layer of lime and use the back side of rake to mix those together before spreading seed. Mix seed with soil and apply a layer of straw. Water the spot every other day, but do not soak the area because the ground may freeze. In winter, it takes a few weeks for new grass to sprout.

Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower planting time – Many garden shops and hardwares now have these cool weather plants ready for your early garden. You can purchase them in four, six, and nine packs in several varieties. Set them out about 2 feet apart.

Month with no full moon – The short month of February is unusual because there will be no full moon this month. The reason is very simple because in January we had two full moons. We had a full moon on New Years Day and another full moon on the last day of January which was known as the Full Old Moon. By the way there was a new moon on the evening of Thursday, Feb 15, 2018.

Ray Baird