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Episcopal Church alive and well

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the December 6 story on St. Philip’s final move. I am excited the historic church now will be used for its intended purpose, serving a vibrant and active faith community, but, of course, sad for the loss of this historic structure to the people of Germanton.

However, I find many of the characterizations, reportedly made by Catherine Hendren, about the “tough” times for the Episcopal Church in Stokes County to be inaccurate. In particular, her statement that Christ Church in Walnut Cove (the oldest Episcopal church in this entire region) had lost it’s rector to resignation is simply not true. Firstly, we are a mission and have never had a rector (we’ve always been served by either supply priests or vicars), and secondly, our past part-time priest in charge did not resign and move on: he retired after more than 40 years in the priesthood. We are alive and well at Christ Church, being served by a priest each Sunday and more, celebrating the Holy Eucharist each week among a small but strong and committed membership, providing outreach to our community and providing a radical welcome to all who enter our doors.

As a lifelong Episcopalian, member of Christ Church, and as it’s Jr. Warden, I feel confident in speaking for all, that we extend that radical welcome to any one, and most especially to those impacted by the loss of St. Philip’s.

Joel Brown

Walnut Cove, N.C.

Response to ‘House should work with Obama’

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Mr Alfred Waddell from West Dennis, Mass. While I realize the Stokes News is widely read, I was surprised to find a letter to the editor all the way from Massachusetts. Mr Waddell made many assertions that are far off base. I will attempt to refute several of his points. He first states that we should all pay our fair share. He fails to mention that the top ten percent of wage and income earners pay seventy percent of the taxes. And somehow the Democrates think they should pay more to make things “fair”? President Obama wants to talk about tax rates, not about actual amounts of tax paid. It is also worth noting that the bottom fifty percent of wage earners in the country pay little or no income tax. If people in the country were really serious about making the tax code fair, then a flat tax rate for everybody would certainly fit that bill. The Democrates and President Obama seem less interested in helping the bottom half of the tax payers and more interested in punishing the wealthy. Wealthy being those who pay most of the taxes and hire all the people who work in the private sector. Secondly, the idea that the president was elected by a widely diverse group across the nation isn’t quite accurate. One only needs to look at the geographic regions carried by Obama to realize he was re-elected by the by the densely populated inner cities. And while he did win by a fify one to forty nine percent margin, this is certainly not a mandate. Roughly half of the country disagrees with his policies. Thirdly, we as a nation did not elect a king. There are three branches of government and the citizens voted to leave a Republican majority in the House of Representitives. Maybe it is President Obama who should quit stonewalling and vacate far left wing elements of his administration. My fourth point is that it is time this country faced the hard, cold fact that we do not have tax or “revenue” problem. If Obama and the Democrates were to confiscate every penny from the rich, it would run the country for about ninty days. We as a nation have a spending problem. The Democrates decried President Bush for his adminstrations deficits, but the Obama admistration has FAR outspent Bush and the national dept is now over sixteen trillion and increasing at a rate of one million dollars a minute! My fifth point is it is time for President Obama to show some leadership and cut spending. And not like the politicians usually do where they cut the rate of growth and call that a cut. It is time for REAL cuts. It is in Obama’s hands to undo his damage.

Randy Miller

Walnut Cove, N.C.

Thanks Walnut Cove

Letter to the editor:

What a Christmas Parade!! Our thanks to all of the community who came out to watch or take part in it. What a sight to behold a sea of humanity 6 or 8 deep from CVS to the far end of downtown. It really quickened our hearts.

We are especially thankful for all the young folks that took part, starting with the USMC JROTC of South Stokes High, marching and bearing our Nations Colors leading the parade. The marching bands of South Stokes, Carver, and North Stokes were on hand to brighten our Christmas Spirit. We are also grateful to have had Chad Tucker of WGHP Fox 8 News as grand Marshal. THANK YOU to all the local churches that had a booth on the street or marched in the parade, promoting the Real Spirit of the Season. We are grateful to those parade participants who brought food the East Stokes Outreach Ministry. And thanks for emptying the chili and donuts from the Masonic Food Booth next to Tuttle Hardware. Thanks to Mrs Clara Nelson (former Register of Deeds in Stokes) for the very kind letter to the editor.

It was a great experience for us and hopefully for you.

May we all have the Merriest of Christmas.

Ronnie Powell, Master

Walnut Cove Masonic Lodge


Letter to the editor:

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary definition of Christmas is: “The festival of the Christian church observed annually on the 25th day of December, in memory of the birth of Christ, and celebrated by a particular church service.”

How fitting, for Christ gave Joy to the World by revealing the love of God to us. He came to take our punishment for sin, assuaging guilt, and gave us answers to life; even eternal life through trust in Him.

Christ authored “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” the foundation of our Declaration of Independence, which Blackstone’s Commentary affirmed to the Holy Scriptures. Law Professor John Wu’s book: Fountain of Justice, examines the history of the Common Law and concludes it “was Christian from the very beginning.”

When Christ was preached by Reformer John Calvin, Geneva was turned from grave sadness and poverty, into joy and prosperity. A mural titled “Justice Lifts the Nations,” in the old Supreme Court building (Lausanne, Switzerland) pictures, unblindfolded Lady Justice, standing above the Justices with a balance scale in one hand, and the other a sword pointing to a large book titled “The Law of God,” emphasizing the Bible as the foundation for law, to provide freedom without chaos. Near that Supreme Court building stands a statue of Alexandre Vinet, a prominent thinker and professor of theology, with his words inscribed: “Christianity is the immortal seed of freedom of the world.”

Noble prize economist Friedrich Hayek in his book: The Road to Serfdom, wrote: “Individualism, in contrast to socialism and other forms of totalitarianism, is based on the respect of Christianity for the individual and the belief that it is desirable that men should be free to develop their own individual gifts and bents. This philosophy … grew and spread into what we know as Western civilization.”

How significant was the life of Christ, that our calendars reference His birth, before - BC and after - AD. Our Constitution is dated “in the Year of our Lord,” the meaning of Anno Domini; and it exempts Sunday (the day Christ arose from the grave, called the Lord’s day, and a day of worship for Christians) from being a workday for the President to sign a bill into law. Christ’s life is recorded in the Bible, the book historically used to take oath to the Constitution, and to truth on.

Christ gave us a lot to fathom, from civilization, freedom, to personal destiny. Thankfully He stressed the individual need to come to Him to find the gift from God — eternal life (John 3:16) with peace and joy within.

Merry Christmas!

E.A. Timm

Walnut Cove, N.C.

Stop dumping deer carcasses

Letter to the editor:

Whoever you are, stop dumping deer carcasses along the roadside of Denny Road at Mountain View Church Road! At least three carcasses (with desirable parts butchered out) were dumped there a couple weeks ago and a fresh carcass of a doe was dumped last week. This happens every year during deer season, and during the unseasonable warm weather, the smell of these decaying carcasses carries. Not only is it unsanitary and unsightly, it is also a big attraction for dogs. One winter, we began to have deer legs show up in our yard, and then one day we couldn’t find our collie. She had been hit and killed by a car while going after a deer carcass dumped there. It’s all we can do to keep our dog from going there this year. Real hunters know better, but people like you give hunting a bad name. Please stop dumping deer carcasses!

M.O. and Martha Hartley

King, N.C.

Pine Hall Elementary creating memorial

Letter to the editor:

Pine Hall Elementary School will be honoring the dedication and spirit of the late Sheriff Mike Joyce by creating a memorial and naming our new playground in his honor. We are asking for donations to fund the memorial in order to create a lasting memory of what Sheriff Joyce meant to Stokes County and especially Pine Hall Elementary. A donation of at least $100 will secure you a paver that will be placed around the school’s new playground and your name(s), in addition to any message you want, engraved on the paver. Thank you for helping us pay tribute to a true Stokes County hero who dedicated his life to the citizens of this county and had a special place in his heart for Pine Hall Elementary School.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 336-427-3689. Please send all donations to: Pine Hall Elementary, 1400 Pine Hall Rd., Pine Hall, NC 27042. Attn: Andrew Wiener.


Andrew Wiener, Principal

Pine Hall Elementary School

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