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Support for Howard Coble

Dear Editor,

Let me tell you what I know about our Congressman Howard Coble. Howard’s life is one that reflects the ideals of folks of my generation who were raised to respect and strive forward. Business ethics was not a course he enrolled in as a student at Guilford College; he learned his irreproachable ethics at home from the examples of his family, neighbors, friends and church members. Howard is frugal. The definition of that word is NOT the opposite of generous. He simply is careful with his own dollars, which translates into the same care of our (tax) dollars. For example, he lives in the same modest, two bedroom one bath condo that he bought BEFORE he became a Congressman. He doesn’t dress like a Dandy because he really doesn’t put much stock in the adage that “clothes make the man.” He knows that the character you reflect in your words and actions is far more important than your garb. Additionally, he chose NOT to accept the congressional retirement package because he believes it is too excessive for the recipients and too demanding of us, the taxpayers.

Because of redistricting Congressman Coble will potentially represent 8 new counties while retaining portions of Guilford and Alamance. If you are among those living in the new counties, please be assured that Howard stands just as enthusiastic and eager to serve his constituency now and in the future as he was during his first congressional term. Please support Congressman Coble on November 6th.

Peyton Hudson

Greensboro, N.C.

What do you call Howard Coble?

Dear Editor,

I call (Howard Coble) my Congressman, and I have always been proud to do so. Why? Because he is considerate of all people, compassionate towards others, caring in his approach and communication with his constituents, consistent in his positions, comprehensive in his analysis, and considered a friend to the military, small business, and agriculture.

Some might say “he is out of touch with the mainstream,” “too old fashioned for the twenty first century.” I say, we need a lot more like him representing the people in our House of Representatives. Some don’t know of his longstanding passion for preserving intellectual property rights for musicians and entrepreneurs. Some say “He is too folksy,” but most folks I know say that is a good thing.

Howard is the only Congressman I have had since my family and I moved to High Point in 1986. I have never thought we needed another one since that time. When Howard decides to run no more, I will still call him “friend.” Actually, I think that is what he likes being called most by the people he serves so well.

Don Webb

High Point, N.C.

Support for Foriest

Dear Sir or Madam:


This is NOT the year to vote a straight ticket. Why? Because we can vote for a VERY well-qualified man who has a 100 percent attendance record in his previous two terms as a North Carolina State Senator. TONY FORIEST is running for US Congress in our district and he deserves your acute consideration. Graduating with a degree in Economics and an MBA, he served his country in the Army, and after a 24 year career with Xerox, Tony was elected twice as a NC State Senator where he was on the following committees:

Appropriations/Base Budget Committee (Co-Chairman)

Commerce Committee

Education Committee (Vice Chairman)

Health Care Committee (Vice-Chairman)

Pensions, Retirement, & Aging Committee (Chairman)

Tony is a family man and has been married 44 years. I know TONY FORIEST and I’m positive he would represent Stokes County in a way that will make you proud.


William H. Kiser

Germanton, N.C.

Take welfare of animals into account

Dear Editor,

It seems to me our country is more tuned in to the political atmosphere now more than ever! I am constantly hearing people debate this party over that one, watching debates and taking sides in record numbers. So many issues…so much loss… who do we choose to represent us and address the many issues that we feel strongly about? As you know Walter Smith will be running for commissioner of agriculture in North Carolina. The Commissioner of Agriculture has a great deal of influence as to how humane or inhumane our animal laws are. As someone who has a concern about animal welfare issues, voting for Commissioner of Agriculture is perhaps one of the most important votes you can make for the welfare of animals in our state and he will get my vote. As one of millions of animal lovers in NC, I feel it’s time that we put someone like Mr. Smith in office who will represent views I feel this office should support. I encourage you to educate yourself about this candidate and consider why he is the right choice for this office. I will also be supporting Ric Marshall to represent the 30th District Senate. Coming from a place where he knows they heavy burden of economic loss and how to work hard to rise above, I feel that he is someone who recognizes the issues our district faces and will work hard to ease that struggle. He is someone who has a common sense view of survival in small town America today. While holding true to that, he also recognizes that there are millions of people who prefer a humane approach to animal welfare issues, which is also an important issue to me. For those of you who share the same concerns I do regarding animal welfare issues in our state and district, I encourage you to get to know these men and what they stand for. As this is but one important issue they represent and I encourage you to consider them at the voting booth.

Mona Triplett

Stokes County Humane Society

Concerned about Nelson Cole

Dear Editor,

I am not in district 91 but I want to tell those voters a story about Nelson Cole when he represented the old District 65. I was offended when I heard about the Beach Plan, a state insurance program for coastal property owners then being debated by the general assembly. It put the burden of paying for a hurricane disaster on all homeowners in the state with an indefinite 10 percent surcharge on their property owners insurance. I emailed Mr. Cole, expressing my opposition. He replied that he was against it and would not vote for it. Then, after it passed I looked up his vote. He voted for it. I have no problem with a politician with differing views from mine if they are frank about why. Mr. Cole said what I wanted to hear then voted with the Democratic pack. I want to warn voters of District 91. This man cannot be trusted to honestly represent you.

Allen Walton

Ruffin, N.C.

Women need to take stand

Dear Editor,

I have been watching debates and news coverage on the upcoming election. Today I realized that one of the poll questions I answered is being used to validate the exact opposite of what I intended. I was asked what my number one issue was and I answered abortion. Today that poll question was used to say that women favor Obama. Not so. There was no way to indicated if I was interested in the issue of abortion because I favored legal abortion or because I favor protecting unborn children. I very much favor protecting our unborn children. Women are in the front and center of this election. I hope those women who share my values will be sure to register, vote, and speak out about what you value. Otherwise the more outspoken women who support values that we do not support will continue to pressure politicians to support abortion on demand and other issues which I do not support. Silence is sometimes golden but often it is also dangerous. If women who support protection for unborn children, marriage, and other important issues do not speak out and vote their values, the vocal women will commandeer our voice.

Linda Carmichael

King, N.C.

Support for Bryan Holloway

Dear Editor,

I support Bryan Holloway for NC House of Representatives because he supports energy independence for the state of North Carolina.

Energy independence will keep down the costs for business and will help retain business already here and will help attract more business start-ups and companies moving to our state.

We are losing coal generating plants and obama plans on closing many more. Our coal plants keep electricity costs down to 4¢ a kilowatt hour but as we switch to wind and solar, that cost will rise to 22¢ a kwh.

Bryan’s opponent, Nelson Cole, will be in lock step with Beverly Perdue and Barack Obama and they do not support energy independence. Their track record on off shore drilling, drilling in the gulf, the Canadian pipeline, and allowing exploration for “clean coal” in Utah proves it.

Rising electricity costs will not only hurt business, but it will force businesses to cut jobs, and will raise costs for all of us! Our food, gas, electricity etc., prices are already rising and must be halted!

If we think we can compete on the world market, especially China — think again! China is building a new coal burning plant producing cheap electricity each and every month. Ours are being shut down while they are building them! If we switch to all green (which our State and Federal Administrations support), businesses cannot remain in this country let alone North Carolina in order to compete on the world market.

Nelson Cole received an “F” grade when it comes to supporting increased energy efficiency. From voting to raise our insurance costs to picking winners and losers by supporting un-equal tax structures for businesses; Nelson Cole will stay true to the governing principles of our current President and our current Governor.

Vote for Bryan Holloway to support energy efficiency and fight the rising costs of energy and to attract more business and jobs for North Carolina!

Ramona D. Timm

Walnut Cove, N.C.

Dangers of fracking

To the editor,

The Facts: Just the facts, please.

The 60 people from Stokes County visited with Representative Bryan Holloway all summer to align themselves against fracking. But at that moment, a legislative committee led by his party had formed to discuss and pass the fracking bill. Now did Rep. Holloway attempt to deceive us, or was he fully unaware of what his own party was doing? Is this a ploy or is he out-of-the loop?

Representative Holloway quickly voted for the clincher motion on fracking. This precise action moved the process along so that the fracking bill (SB820) would be final. Would this irrefutable measure be indictive of his real stand on the fracking issue? A clerk in the State House stated that the clincher is the “last nail in the coffin.”

Our county leaders have tried to encourage tourism as a part of the economy in our County. Can you imagine many tourists visiting our county to breathe polluted air, see crumbling roads, large gas drilling pads with miles of pipelines and pools of poisoned water seeping into our groundwater and big trucks loaded with chemicals, sand, and poisoned water and our clean water for fracking?

Stokes County has some of the best farm land that could be found anywhere. We have farmer who grow large crops of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans, corn and other crops on the very land that will be fracked. These crops provide their livelihood. Most farmers know they will not prosper from fracking. Some of our leaders are trying to encourage local grown healthy food.

Do we want our neighbors in Stokes County to lose the value of their land, homes, their water and way of life because of the greed of some people and big oil and gas corporations that will reap big benefits at the expense of Stokes County citizens?

Now is the time for us to show love for Stokes County by voting for environmentalists, such as Walter Dalton, Ric Marshall and Nelson Cole.

Gareath Meadows

King, N.C.

Education and fracking

Dear Editor,


The truth is the gas companies are after minerals under our property. They will do or say anything to get that gas. Many people in other parts of this country are suffering from being fracked and that is the truth.

Another issue in our state is our education system. We need to know that there is a high likelihood that our education system will be undermined by elected officials who promote privatizing our schools and using tax money to do it.

If Pat McCrory is elected, I think we will see that public education which is for all students will be a thing of the past. Is that what we want to happen to our schools?

Walter Dalton will protect our schools for the average person to have an opportunity for a good education in our public schools.

Linda Hicks

Madison, N.C.

Support for Bryan Holloway

Dear Editor,

I want to encourage the citizens of Stokes County to support Representative Bryan Holloway for reelection to NC State House. Bryan is a former teacher and is chair of two very important education committees where he works for adequate funding at the classroom level. He was able to increase spending in Kindergarten through grade 12 by 135 million dollars without raising taxes. He works tirelessly for the interests of education and for the interests of Stokes County and North Carolina. He is committed to lower taxes, less spending, less government and more individual freedom. He is a good common sense patriot that lives by principle; he is truthful and naturally his word is his bond. He is well respected by his peers and one of Bryan’s most admired traits is his dedication to principled causes. We need to keep Bryan in the house not just because he is a nice fellow but he chairs two important committees, and nobody will work with more commitment for our children than Bryan Holloway.

Jack Gibson

Walnut Cove, N.C.

Concerned about Romney

Dear Editor,

When did it become OK to lie? Romney has invested in at least 10 Chinese companies & still has holdings in some. One pirated Windows & Office software, one accused of being a brutal sweat shop, one does business with the Iranian energy sector & one is a major bank. Wow, to hear him tell it, it’s President Obama that does business with China. And all the while he has been making his millions which he has socked away in some interesting, tricky & even highly suspect (illegal?) ways. When Romney was with Bain Capital, he got a Federal Bailout & ended up bargaining his way out of paying off the loan in full. The taxpayers lost at least 10 million dollars on that deal through him not paying the FDIC (the federally funded bank insurance that we, the taxpayers pay for) back in full. All the while, he & other top executives got very hefty bonuses. Another example of how he added to his millions & at our expense; guess that is why 47 percent of us just don’t get it; we are leeches on society, to hear him tell it. He is part of the problem; not the solution.

Dena Christine

Pinnacle, N.C.

Concern over Holloway’s stand on education

Dear Editor,

Rep. Bryan Holloway’s former political adversary Robert Mitchell (10/11 letter) has stepped up to praise the incumbent as an election year “independent” as well as friend of education, the environment, and you and me. Election year votes on the floor are subject to moderate posturing and follow-up spin, but on what issue do these aspiring “educational consultants” most agree? Subsidizing private, for-profit online and charter schools at the expense of public school funding. Their personal and political gain, however, should be recognized as too costly for a mostly rural district like ours. Rep. Holloway, with ties to A.L.E.C. and K12Inc (under investigation), has openly “voiced support” for Rep. Stam’s plan to outsource education as a matter of public record and to Rockingham County Commissioners. The Carolina Business Coalition Education Fund along with Art Pope has financed his campaign with a hefty check of over $45,000. Tied by financial puppet strings, expect Rep. Holloway to fight private, for profit school vouchers like he did fracking: with one hand tied behind his back. His local supporter Sam Hill needs to get the real scoop on loss of teacher positions and over-crowded classrooms. This isn’t just the result of hard times: it’s House Speaker Thom Tillis’s agenda to defund public education. If a voucher system is adopted next year in N.C., the local districts will have to make up the difference with local revenues to compete! Throw in Sen. Berger’s one year, no credit for experience teacher contracts and ask yourself how do we attract and retain the best teachers? Less “bloated government” makes for good sound bite politics but the reality is we are turning back the clocks on support for students and teachers. I taught at high-performing North Stokes High School for 30 years, and for almost 20 years worked with cooperative, non-partisan board members to see that our system was a model for the region and, foremost, our kids. Sadly, those moderate, independent leaders are missing from our ranks…they too fear for what may become of public education. Holloway has not not stood up to radical, pro-voucher reformers. Former House Representative Nelson Cole best embodies the values of bi-partisan cooperation and the needed backbone to make sure rural districts can propel job growth with a well-educated workforce. Let’s show our independence from the politics of special interests on Nov.6 and put public schools and our communities first.

Dan Wolber

Danbury, N.C.

Concern over Nelson Cole

As a long time resident of Rockingham County I want to share with the people of Stokes County why in 2010 we unseated the 8-term incumbent from the NC House of Representatives, Nelson Cole. Cole is now running for election for the 91st NC House seat, which is comprised of, Stokes and part of Rockingham County. Cole has a long history of big government control and seeking out new ways to tax the hard working people of North Carolina. Cole was part of the 21st Century Transportation Committee who came up with and recommended the tax plan for the VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled or Vehicle Mileage Tax) in addition to other revenue streams (Tax) on vehicles. Just a few days ago he denied its existence as he did in 2010 when he waved a copy of the Committee Report at the RCC forum, and said it was not even in there, when it is prominently displayed on page 8 of the report. At a forum (recently) he made reference to yet another Tax stream he endorses – Service providers. So Cole is now in favor of taxing a trip to a lawyer, architect, hairdresser and possibly your doctor, just like you are sales taxed on the products you buy. Do not be fooled like so many in Rockingham County were for far to long.

Vincent Loy

Reidsville, N.C.

Fracking is not for North Carolina

Dear Editor,

I have become an activist against fracking in the last few weeks. I have always been willing to vote a split ticket if I feel I have not been represented as my legislators have suggested by the public stands they have taken. It is important to follow all the legislators’ stands taken and votes cast, no matter which party. Fracking is not a political issue except to the extent it has been made one.

When I first heard the word “frack” I went straight to my computer and started educating myself. I went to conservative sources and liberal sources; I read newspaper articles from local newspapers, magazines, oil and gas companies and the minutes from our Stokes County Commissioners’ meetings concerning fracking issues. I read that NC legislators passed a law that allowed fracking and this happened after our commissioners passed a resolution against fracking in Stokes County. The new state law takes precedence over the wishes of local county governments.

I read that the state legislators voted to override Governor Purdue’s veto on fracking. I read that a US Geological Survey showed a far lower potential gas yield from fracking (5 years worth of natural gas reserves rather than 40 years as previously reported). This report was made available to the legislators just hours before the before they took the vote to override Governor Purdue’s veto on fracking. A Republican Senator from Mecklenburg County who had introduced the fracking bill in the first place, said in response to this new piece of jaw dropping evidence, that we will not know how much gas we have until we punch a few wells. Now, what sense did that make? Within a few hours the law was passed. The law established the Mining and Energy Commission, which was promptly stacked with gas industry officials and fracking supporters. This is the commission that is charged with developing the rules and regulations for fracking in NC.

I have read that fracking could not only ruin farms, roads, and property values, gas companies will have the power to declare imminent domain to cross our land with roads and pipe lines to get the gas where it is suppose to go

Now the biggest surprise is that there is a gas glut in the United States. There is so much gas from fracking that the government has asked the gas companies to slow down because they don’t have enough room to store all this gas. Now this problem seems to have lead to another issue and that is natural gas liquefying plants. There are plans to build these liquefying plants and apply for approval to ship our gas to Asia and other countries. How does shipping our gas to foreign countries provide “energy independence” for NC?

Linda Dekle

Walnut Cove, N.C.

Venezuela’s path, America’s?

Dear Editor,

Hugo Chavez has Nationalized nigh everything in Venezuela, yet the poor do not have enough to eat and are starving, NPR reported 10-5-12. Is that America’s fate with the Federal government advancing control over more of the free-market and our lives, which is Nationalization?

Chavez closed the embassy in Miami which disenfranchised the Venezuelan refugee’s vote, thereby manipulating the election. Monday, 10-8-12 we heard the news that he was voted in another six-year term; and the Venezuelan refugees cried out in lament “He has ruined our country!” Did the Venezuelan dependent class and socialist, vote for more bread, and government subsidy and entitlements, over freedom and free enterprise? Will their freedom be lost forever? As long as they keep voting for the government to provide - Freedom is lost! As long the government has no scruples, they will manipulate the election through disenfranchisement and voter fraud - Freedom is lost! Even in America voter fraud is a problem; U-Tube documents: “Dial ‘O’ for Murder: Voter fraud…”

Thomas Jefferson’s words of wisdom explain what most cannot understand: “Dependence begets subservience and venality suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” The Road to Serfdom, by Nobel Prize-winning economist Friedrich A. Hayek addresses the totalitarian nature of socialism, which destroys a free society and leads to serfdom. Atlas Shrugged, the novel by Ayn Rand is the story of a growing government, and the struggles for a free society. The movie Atlas Shrugged - Part 2 showed the societal chaos once the government passed the “Fair Share Act.” Does the “Fair Share” terminology sound familiar?

Six trillion new debt in the last four years is unsustainable, which means a financial crash is coming. Currently the Federal government is printing dollars out of thin air (QE3), which destroys its value, thereby causing prices to go up. Can’t they do simple math and stop over spending; over a trillion a year? The status quo cannot go on.

Nationalism has grown through unconstitutional, ever increasing, Federal Regulations over our institutions, energy, air, soil, and resources under the surface, which leaves little left to the State. Dictatorial use of executive orders and regulatory agencies leave our representative congressional lawmakers very weak.

If we do not change the national direction this election, our Nation will be ruined — the numbers are too high; and freedom will be lost for many generations! We will be following the path of Venezuela!

E.A. Timm

Walnut Cove, N.C.

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