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Sylvia Burton - Special for The Stokes News

Can you believe January is gone?? Is it because I’m older? It seems like you can’t turn around before another month has come and gone. I don’t mind it too much in the winter. To tell the truth, I’m ready for spring. I have noticed some daffodils poking through. This may not be good since we still have February and March to go through.

The Francisco Ruritans are sponsoring a Bingo event Saturday, February 4, at the Francisco Community Building. Hot dogs will be ready at 6:00 pm and the games start at 7:00 pm. The cost is $20 for twenty games. This is a cash prize Bingo and all proceeds go to the North Stokes Girls Softball Team. Everyone come out and support our team!

The Francisco Community Building is also sponsoring a Bingo event Saturday, February 18, at the community building. Hot dogs will be ready at 6:00 pm and the games start at 7:00 pm. The cost is $20 for twenty games. All prizes are winter related. All proceeds go to the upkeep of the community building. Please support this worthy cause also.

The Francisco Volunteer Fire Department is now taking orders for chicken stew. Orders will only be taken through February 28 and the stew will be available March 11. The chicken stew is takeout only, so you must place an order with any member of the fire department before February 28. The cost is $5 per quart. All proceeds will go to the fire department.

The Our Communities Group is still looking for groups or individuals who are interested in space at the Francisco Elementary School. If you or you know someone who may need to rent office space, or could use the gym for activities, maybe use the classrooms or the agricultural building for some type of trades classes and/or arts classes, please gather the information together and call Paul Blue at 336-351-3254. We need people or groups that can use the school for activities, classes, daycare, eldercare, agricultural themes, anything that is sustainable and beneficial to the community and surrounding communities as well. This is our opportunity to reinvent our area, to fill our elementary school with life again!

We still have some people that are not feeling their best as of late. Please remember Frances Frans, Barbara Jessup and R.W. Goins as well as Jennifer Overby in your prayers. Jennifer is scheduled to start radiation treatments soon. Also remember the Mozelle Owens family in your prayers. Mozelle, my aunt, passed away Monday morning after a period of declining health. She was one of the hardest working women I’ve ever known and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Sylvia Burton

Special for The Stokes News

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