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Sylvia Burton - Special for The Stokes News

By all accounts, the Christmas Bazaar sponsored by the Francisco Ladies Auxiliary was a big success! If you’re on Facebook or you know someone who is, check out the video of the Bazaar on the Friends of Francisco page. It’s awesome and will really put you into the Christmas spirit!

There will be a workday Saturday, December 10, at the Francisco School Gym. Anyone who is willing to get down and dirty is invited to help. The clearing and cleaning begins at 10:00 am. Work will be going on all day so just pick a time and come on down. We’d love to have you!

The Our Communities Organizing Group (OCOG) is now is the process of creating a preliminary draft for the Francisco Elementary School repurposing plan by February 28, 2017. The final proposed plan is set for June 30, 2017. The plan is to be viewed and reviewed by our neighboring communities and Stokes County officials as being practical and one that can the meet the goal of being feasible and sustainable. This is great opportunity to make your voice and ideas known as to what you would like for the school to be used for. What would you like to see happen? Maybe child care or adult care, learning and training opportunities, health and wellness classes, special events and performances such as movies, theater or sports, or community services such as the Food Pantry, maybe retail; the possibilities are endless. But the key is knowing what the community wants. We can’t read your mind. Step up to the plate and tell us.

Another effort, which is already underway, is the creation of several teams, in other words, a Task Force which will take your ideas and suggestions and analyze them. Are these ideas something that can work financially? Is this something sustainable? Will this benefit our area? These teams are Uses/Revenues, Operating Costs/Rental Fees, Capital Costs, and Documentation. If you or you know someone has experience in these areas, please let us know. Our contact person is Nora Tallmon at 336-351-4524 or Community involvement is crucial in making Francisco Elementary School successful once again. Let’s all work together, all communities, to make it happen.

During this rush- rush, hurry- hurry season, let’s not forget our Northern Stokes Food Pantry. No one should be hungry, especially our children and our elderly. Please make it a point to donate to this worthy cause.

Please put Ronnie Jessup on your prayer list. As many of you may remember, Mr. Jessup was a teacher at North Stokes for several years. His brother, Tommy, posted on Facebook that Mr. Jessup had a heart attack. Please lift him and his family up in prayer.

Please put the Mabel Woods family on your prayer list also. She passed away early Monday morning. Mabel was my mom’s sister and resided in the Sandy Ridge community. She has been in the nursing home for several years. I remember once when I was little, Mabel and her husband, John, had killed hogs during a cold, winter day. Mama and Daddy went to help with the meat. Mabel fixed supper for everyone that evening. She had the works; biscuits, gravy, fried tenderloin. It was delicious! No one could fix biscuits like Mama and Mabel. Love those memories!!

Sylvia Burton

Special for The Stokes News

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