Veterans pro-government?

Shortly after Dylann Roof shot the people in the church in Charleston, SC, public TV did a segment on the history of the KKK. At the end of the segment, they stated that the KKK in many areas had changed their name to Militia.

When South Carolina decided to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from their capital building, my wife and I were going to Pilot Mountain on Hwy 52 when I noticed a large number of trucks with confederate battle flags on them and some with a megaphone speaking. I immediately thought KKK.

Not long after that, I saw, on several occasions, three or four trucks with battle flats on them congregating at Sheets gas station in King. One day I went into Sheets and asked for the manager. I complained to him that their presence there with battle flags offended me and that I would stop doing business there if it continued. Thankfully, it did not.

I spoke to a King Police Officer that I knew about all this and he stated that he lives in an old Fortis Development. He stated that he has some black neighbors that he likes very much and they were having a birthday party for their three-year old daughter in their front yard. Suddenly a parade of these trucks with battle flags came circling through his neighborhood, obviously to intimidate the black family.

I went on the internet and put in anti-government hate groups in North Carolina and guess what came up. Stokes Militia! ( Here is some of what it said:

“The Patriot Movement peaked in 1996 when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building. The number of Patriot groups, a largely rural phenomenon, sometimes referred to as the militia movement, also a branch of the KKK, increased to 1,274 groups. Most of the members of hate groups and anti-government organizations have not committed crimes. But the FGI’s report highlighted recent examples where authorities accused militia members of plotting violence. In one case authorities arrested four Georgia members of a militia group of plotting to obtain explosives and produce the deadly toxin ricin, which they intended to attack government officials. In Michigan, seven members of a militia group are standing trial on charges that plotted to kill police officers in hopes that it would spark wider insurrection.”

Some members of American Legion Post 290 in King have sons that are members of the Stokes Militia. Think about what would happen to their families if they got arrested and could not support their families.

I thought we (American Legion Post 290) were pro-government. Isn’t that why we served?

You can get even more information by going to Southern Poverty Law Center and look for anti-government groups in N.C.

Bill Pulliam

King, NC

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