HB2 summed up

Dear Editor, oh Edwin, Edwin, Edwin. This time you have gone too far. Where did you get your doctorate of psychiatry? I thought the Bible you so often quote says to pray for your leaders and support them because “They are chosen by God.” As a Shakespearian student who played in several of his plays, I believe he would have summed up HB2 rather simply.

There once was a young queen named Bloom

Who took a lesbian up to his room?

When she cut out the light, he said with some fright

Who is to do what and with what to whom?

We have enough boogey people without folks like you and Phil Berger creating them.

Politics has no place in the womb or bedroom. Let’s play ball. If a pervert is a pervert then give them a swift trial, place the offending member on a chopping block, remove it and them. Stop the bleeding with a branding iron. Give them a fifth of Wild Turkey and await the results.

Lonnie Bowman

Walnut Cove

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