Increase in local flu cases

Staff Report

The Stokes County Health Department would like to inform the public that there has been an increase in flu-like illness within the county in the past several weeks. Vaccination is the best method of prevention, but takes a full two weeks to be effective after the flu shot is given. Contrary to popular belief, the flu shot will not give you the flu because it is not a live virus.

To prevent the spread of the flu, frequent and thorough handwashing is the most important step. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; if soap and water aren’t available, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Make sure you stay home if you have flu-like symptoms or if you have a fever. Stay home for a full 24 hours after the last measured fever. Avoid contact with sick people. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. When sneezing, use proper cough/sneeze etiquette and cough/sneeze into the inside of your arm.

People most at risk to contract the flu are those with weakened immune systems, including children and the elderly. Those with chronic conditions such as asthma and congestive heart failure may have worsened symptoms. The flu can cause complications in some people including bronchitis, sinus infection, ear infection, and Pneumonia.

Contact your Primary Care Provider if you have a sudden onset of the following symptoms: fever, body aches, chills, fatigue, weakness, sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat, chest discomfort, cough or headache. For more information, visit or call the Stokes County Health Department at 336-593-2400.

Staff Report

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