Clif Notes to present reunion concert

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They call themselves the Clif Notes, named after their high-school choral director Clif Arnold, who will lead them in a ten year reunion concert on March 12 at 3 p.m. at King First Christian Church.

Most of the singers in the group belonged to an elite choral group, the South Stokes High School Madrigals, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Twenty years after graduating from high school the Madrigals got together for a reunion and found their love for choral music had not diminished. It was then, they decided to get back together for rehearsals and performances, and with their new name of the Clif Notes, became highly acclaimed throughout the area. The group has performed at many local churches and other venues as well as the Candlelight Tours at the Biltmore Estate and at the White House. Each year the group presented a Christmas Concert, usually to a packed auditorium.

Clif Notes sang what they thought was their final concert in 2006, inviting previous members to join those presently in the choral group in singing some of their favorites. But the tug of their love for choral music and the friendships of their fellow singers once again brought them back together for a ten year reunion social and meal in November of last year. It was then the group decided they wanted to present one more concert. A committee started work on the project and their efforts will bring the concert to fruition on March 12. Of the 39 members during the group’s time together, twenty-nine have committed to being a part of the concert.

Arnold, their director, has always found it hard to explain the Clif Notes’ relationships with each other. The music is a great part of it, but it is almost secondary.

“There is a bond, a kinship. We are all more like family,” he said.

The concert of mixed patriotic and sacred music is free and open to the public. The group looks forward to seeing many who supported them and followed them throughout their music ministry. Please make plans to attend. Will this be the last time to hear the Clif Notes?

“We will never say never,” Arnold said.

Staff Report

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