Commissioner Jones requests change in rules of procedures

By Amanda Dodson -

Stokes County commissioner and past board chairwoman, Ronda Jones requested a reevaluation of the county commissioners’ rules of procedure Monday afternoon.

“I want to have us reevaluate the newest policy where three commissioners can vote down another commissioner’s request for the agenda,” Jones said. “It’s important that people have an opportunity to trust and align themselves with a commissioner without fear of not being able to be heard. I would like to have it reevaluated and go back to the policy we had where anyone can put something on the agenda. We have an action agenda so if someone doesn’t like something, they can certainly vote against it.”

In July of last year, Commissioner Ernest Lankford proposed the board be allowed to take an item off the agenda by a majority vote.

At the time, Jones said she was against it because the change would marginalize anyone on the board whose philosophies and beliefs were different. She also believed it had a direct impact on constituents and stifled the checks and balances of a board.

The rule of procedure was originally adopted in December of 2002 and since then has been amended five times.

Board Chair Jimmy Walker opened the floor to questions and comments regarding the issue on Monday.

“Any action any member of the board would like to take?” Walker asked.

Jones added that her request was within the rights of the board to make the policy change.

“I’m hearing no interest in action of this item. I’m hearing no questions or comments, so we’ll move on to the next item,” Walker said.

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By Amanda Dodson

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